About Pathways

An exciting mission opportunity in the Diocese of Newcastle
6-9 September 2018

Over the weekend, the Bishops of the Northern Province and their teams, led by Archbishop Sentamu, will be joining us to assist us in our mission of growing church bringing hope. Though the initial vision started here on Holy Island in 2013, the Diocese of Newcastle will be the fifth Diocese to welcome the Northern Bishops for a mission weekend.

The weekend will begin on the Thursday afternoon with a Welcome and Commissioning service on Holy Island where invited deanery representatives will meet with the visiting Bishops and their teams before being sent out to their host Deaneries.

Each parish is being asked to organise mission activities, large or small, where the visiting teams can engage with people in our communities who would not usually attend church events. During past mission weekends there have been a wide variety of activities from knitted angel-bombing a village, simple meals in homes, grill-a-Bishop evenings and prayer walks to youth barbeques and talent nights. All of the activities had a moment where people could hear a simple and engaging explanation of the Christian faith. For our Pathways mission we are hoping for some equally creative activities that will allow people to explore what faith in Jesus might mean to them.

The weekend will conclude with three celebration services in Alnwick, Hexham and Newcastle, where we invite family, friends and neighbours to gather and hear more about our faith.

But the weekend is only one moment in our ongoing mission of growing church bringing hope. Our mission is already happening before the weekend and will continue after as we carry forward our commitment to sharing faith with those around us.

The Team

Meet the team working on Pathways

Bishop Mark Tanner

Bishop Mark Tanner

John Sinclair

Revd. Canon John Sinclair

Steve Dixon

Revd Captain Steve Dixon

Joanna Dobson

Revd. Joanna Dobson

Margaret Proud

Margaret Proud

Suzanne Cooke

Revd. Suzanne Cooke

Carol Field

Carol Field