Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked about the Pathways Mission

Perhaps the best way to think about the weekend is to break it down into twelve distinct mission weekends in each of the twelve Deaneries of Newcastle Diocese. These Deanery missions will be linked by a Commissioning Service on the Thursday afternoon and three Celebrating Hope services in Alnwick, Hexham and Newcastle on the Sunday afternoon. Each Deanery will receive two or three visiting Bishops who will come with a small team from their own Diocese and the national Senior Leadership Development Programme.

The overall programme in each Deanery is being organised by two Deanery Coordinators who will gather information about events from each parish and allocate Bishops and team members to attend. If you don’t know who your Deanery Coordinators are, please contact us.

There are lots of way to get involved. Why not join or host a Faith Stories and Invitation session in preparation for the weekend. You could offer to host a Bishop or team member. Get together with friends in church and think of a way you could run a mission event. But most of all, invite your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, fellow dog walkers, folks from the pub, the postman, that person you always say morning to when you go and collect the paper, or anyone else you are brave enough to ask, to come along to one of the events and hear more about the God we follow and the God that loves us and them.

You will need to register your event with your Deanery Coordinators. The best way is to drop them a line and tell them about your event, then fill in an Event Planning Form and send it to your Coordinators.

Event Planning Form

We will be welcoming the Archbishop of York to share in the Pathways Mission weekend. There will also be 30 Bishops, mainly from the Northern Province of the Church of England, but also including our own Bishops Christine and Mark and Bishops from our link Dioceses of Botswana, Møre and Winchester.

Each Deanery is being asked to host the Bishops and their teams locally in people’s homes. In most cases this will mean providing bed and breakfast for one person (the Bishops and team will usually be provided with meals at the events they attend).

The Bishops and team are expecting to get themselves to Newcastle Diocese and to provide their own transport between events. But please give them clear directions!

Your Deanery Coordinators will be deciding which events the Bishops and team members attend. You are not guaranteed to get a Bishop at your event, but we hope to have a team member at each event.

The Archbishop will be attending events right across the Diocese. Some of these events will be organised by the Diocese, but we will be looking for suitable events around the Diocese which the Archbishop could attend as he travels around.

The Pathways Mission is one part of our vision of growing church bringing hope. We pray that through the Pathways Mission people will discover for themselves the love that God has for them and will decide to follow Jesus. To help people find out this wonderful truth there are some follow up resources available. Why not run a Jesus: Find Out More course for those who are asking seriously about Christianity? There are also many more introductory courses which will help people discover Christianity such as Pilgrim, Alpha, Start and Emmaus – just find one which fits your context and run it.

The Celebrating Hope services will be an opportunity to invite people who are interested in finding out more about Christianity to hear interesting stories and talks which present the gospel in a relevant way.

There will be three Celebrating Hope services:
4pm at St Michael’s Alnwick, NE66 1LY
4pm Hexham Mart Conference Suite, NE46 3SG
4pm at Brandling House Entrance, Newcastle Racecourse, NE3 5HP

Parking will be availalbe Hexham and Newcastle Racecourse. Information regarding Alnwick is coming soon.

No! The Celebrating Hope services are open for anyone and everyone to attend.

You are welcome to come along. If you would like to come along to the opening and commissioning service with our visiting teams please note that the tide goes out at 3.15pm giving access to the Island.

Park in the car park. The charge is £4.40. You will be directed to the priory for the open air service. Wear something suitable.

All welcome at the official start of the Pathways Mission with the Archbishop of York and many Bishops from the Northern Province and beyond.

Please try to put on events which are relatively low cost and ask your Deanery in the first instance if there is still finance available from the Deanery mission fund. There is a small amount of funding available from the Pathways budget to provide partial funding for events if local funding is unavailable. Please contact us for details.