Everyone can get involved

Churches across the Diocese are gearing up to take part in the Pathways weekend with a wide range of activities being planned. Each church can take part by doing something, large or small. The main aim is to invite friends, family and neighbours to come along to a welcoming activity where they can hear how their lives can be changed by following Jesus.

Think small

You might see your church as too small to host an event or activity, but don’t be scared to think small. Small events are often the most effective mission activities since they can be less threatening. Why not host a meal in your home and invite some friends around to chat and hear one of the visiting team members tell their faith story? Remember the transformation Zacchaeus when through when Jesus went to his house for a meal.

Think big

There’s much that can be done by working together. Join forces with neighbouring churches (including friends from other denominations), or as a whole Deanery, and use your pooled resources to organise something that you couldn’t achieve yourselves. Perhaps you could take over the local cinema for a special screening with a visiting Bishop giving a gospel message afterward. Or you might try something sporty, foody or artistic on a grand scale with visiting team members giving a talk and chatting with people.

Think old

The motto here is ‘if it works well, do it again’. If there is a particular event or activity that you know works well in your community, do it again as part of the Pathways weekend. If it isn’t already a mission activity of your church, then why not think of how it might incorporate a way for people to hear the Christian message? Your Deanery Coordinators or those on in our contacts will be able to help you think through how to make you activity missional.

Think new

Your activity might be a new idea you are trying out for the first time. If so, it will need to be relevant to your local context. Think about how this will be attractive to the people you want to invite. Also think about how you will present the gospel to people through it. Don’t be afraid to take the risk and try something new…it might just work, and even if it doesn’t, there will be something to learn for the next time you try something new.

Think community

Why not hold an event where you can invite another community group or groups to help out? There might be a local choir, sports club, uniformed organisation, arts and crafts group, etc who could help out at your event. Groups like this often enjoy helping out at events and inviting them to help us values their contribution to the community. It is also a great way to invite people who don’t usually come to church to attend an event.

Think prayer

Anyone can get involved in the Pathways weekend by simply praying for the activities that are taking place, the visiting Bishops and their teams, and above all, those who we are inviting to the activities. Here’s the Pathways prayer to get you started.

God of mission,
who alone brings growth to your Church,
use our Pathways Mission to grow your Church in Newcastle Diocese
in numbers, in spiritual commitment to you
and in loving service to our local communities.
Give vision to our planning and wisdom to our actions.
Send us, empowered by your Holy Spirit,
to bring hope to all we meet
through Jesus Christ our Lord.